How to Treat Your Sugar Momma Right

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How to Treat Your Sugar Momma Right

You used a free sugar momma dating site to enjoy all that comes with dating a sugar momma.  You probably did an exhaustive search and tried to connect with more than one person. Once you find that sugar momma who is just right, you want to do everything to keep her as happy as possible so your relationship last. After all, not all sugar momma relationships are long-term. That is up to the two of you to decide. While you are with your sugar momma you found on a free sugar momma dating site, you should treat her right, and here is how.


Talk Nice

Everyone wants to feel special. Talk sweet to your sugar momma, and not in a sultry way unless that is what she wants. Tell her how nice her hair is when she goes out of her way to get it done. Tell her how much you enjoy her company. Find any way to slip a compliment in whenever and wherever you can. Also, ensure you are making your compliments personal. That means saying nice things about things she likes. If, for example, she likes dogs, you could show her a TV show on dogs and talk about how cute you think they are and what a great pet owner she may be. Lastly, it never hurts to whisper it in her ear followed by a small kiss on the cheek or hand.

Be a Gentleman

Sugar mommas expect their sugar baby to be a true gentleman. So are you ready to throw your coat over a puddle so she can cross it without getting wet? You should be. Chivalry is about going above and beyond to show how much you respect the woman you are with. Holding doors, pulling her chair out when she sits, and standing up when she gets up from the table is not enough. Study some of the classier men in history to learn a few things. If she smokes, have a lighter and cigarettes on you at all times. If you forget her particulars, review her profile on the free sugar momma dating site you met her on. A sugar momma has the right to change sugar babies if she does not feel she is being treated right. 


A gift does not have to be something extravagant. It can be as simple as breakfast in bed, a personalised key chain, or a framed picture with you and her in it. Giving a gift is a physical sign of appreciation and an acknowledgment of a relationship. Show her you appreciate her and are grateful for the relationship with a small gift. You can even surprise her with a poem or the like.

Ask What She Needs

Your role as a sugar baby from that free sugar momma dating site is to be attentive to her needs.  And we know you do not read minds. So, ask her what she needs and attend to it. She will most likely appreciate the direct approach. It shows maturity and that you care. Be that guy who makes sure she is always okay, even if you have to ask.  This can extend to when she has a bad day or a good one.


Everyone loves to be heard, and you can learn a lot about a person just by listening. But listening is more than a nod of the head or saying I hear you. It is about empathising. That means you are paying attention to body language, tone of voice, and her words. Then you are reflecting that in a statement where you acknowledge her feelings and why. Listening will go a long way to keeping her happy and treating her well. That bodes well for you too. Just listen. 

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