Sugar Momma Dating Tips for Aspiring Young Men

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Would you like to live the good life, without having to work hard for a decade first? Would you like to have a sexy lady take care of you, paying all the bills and taking you on extravagant vacations, in exchange for the pleasure of your company? If you’re hoping to find a hot sugar momma dating younger men like you, here are a few sugar momma dating tips to help you find her and get that sweet relationship going.

sugar mama dating

1. Use Online Dating Sites

The best way to find a wealthy woman is on a sugar mama dating site. You can try it the old fashioned way, hanging out in the locations that rich women frequent. The problem is that this can be expensive, inconvenient, or even embarrassing. It’s hard for a young guy to hang out at the spa, the wine bar, or the shoe department at Sak’s. A much easier solution is to go online, and find one of the sites that cater to toyboy dating sugar mommas.

2. Don’t Lie about Your Job

If you’re unemployed, then don’t lie about having a job. You can always phrase this in a way that positions you positively, without having to fib about it. You could say something like your career is in real estate, and that you’re currently between positions and looking for your next opportunity. Who knows? Maybe she knows somebody that can help you find that next opportunity. Whether that happens or not, it’s best not to start with an out and out lie about something this important.

3. Act Like a Winner

She’s successful and has plenty of money. You’re ten years younger, without a lot of career success under your belt yet, and could use a cash infusion. Whatever the discrepancies in your age, experience, or monetary success, you need to act confident. She doesn’t want to hang out with a loser, so act like a winner.

4. Take Care of Things

When she’s at work, she probably has minions to handle all sorts of things, while the biggest issues get relegated to her. Successful women usually have a lot of responsibility, and a lot of stress at work. When she’s off work, she wants to relax and have fun, not deal with problems. This is your chance to show you’re a capable guy who can take care of things for her. If the restaurant lost your reservation, handle it. If there’s a problem with her car, handle it. You’ll look strong and resourceful, and like somebody she can count on.

5. Don’t be Negative

This is not the time to make mean comments about anybody. Don’t criticize the waitress’s hair or the way the bartender made the martini, or make snide remarks about the people at the next table. Negativity is an unpleasant quality that turns most people off, and can really bring a mood down. Plus, if you keep saying bad things about other people, she’ll wonder what you say about her when she’s not listening.


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