Is sugar mummy and sugar daddy relationship healthy?

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So you want a little luxury but you find your bank account bare? If you’re in your early 20’s and a good looking woman at that, you can try your hand at sugar daddy dating. It’s the new “in thing” and a lot of young women depend on it to find some shelter from the rain. The same goes for hot and eligible young men, who turn to sugar mummy relationship for one reason or another. A lot of people don’t seem to view these kinds of relationships as healthy. But then one man’s meat is another man’s poison. And as long as you’re not stepping on anybody’s toes, it’s cool. Be warned though, every game has its rules and a sugar daddy relationship is no exception.

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There are tons of sugar mummy sites and sugar daddy sites that cater exclusively to these relationships, and we need to understand what makes them tick. There are some golden rules that need to be followed and while they’re not spelt out explicitly, you’ll nevertheless be expected to follow them.

  • If you’re a young man dating a cougar woman or a sugar mummy, you might come across as a pervert to many people, as someone who takes an unhealthy interest in older women. Similarly, if you’re a lady dating a sugar daddy, be prepared to develop a tough skin so that snide remarks like being a “gold-digger” do not affect you. Remember that you got to give some in order to take some.
  • This one is for the women out there. Initially, it begins like any other relationship, except that you’re looking for sugar daddy sites for a potential match. Hell, even if it’s a sugar mummy site that you’re going through (for males), the initial days of struggle are unavoidable. You have to hit it off with as many people as you can and weigh your chances with each of them till you strike pay dirt.
  • You need to commit to an identity online and then stick with it. If you are a girl next door, try to go with that look and improve on it. You will not impress your sugar daddy much if you turn up at the first date wearing your LBD and high heels. Sugar daddies can smell phonies out from a distance, and you’re not the first one or the last one who he’ll date.
  • Generally, a sugar daddy will spell out the terms and conditions of the deal he has with you and you are well advised to listen to them carefully. It doesn’t mean that you lose your bargaining power, but be certain that there will be a feeling of being “bought”. Check and see to what level the contract goes down to, literally, pun intended. You might be in the relationship in order to receive cash from him which you use to fund your education or buy a roof over your head, whatever’s the priority. Your rich sugar daddy is also looking for favors from you, and these can extend from company to high profile events, hanging onto his arm, to good old-fashioned sex. If you’re a lucky girl, you’ll find that these occasions are not every day, and you can still lead a normal life, free to concentrate on what matters.

a sugar mummy

A sugar mummy will be a woman over 40 years of age, a successful career woman and probably a mother to boot. She will have turned to you to fulfill her basic sexual needs or for giving her company during spells of loneliness. Make sure that you keep her happy and satisfied, and she’ll reward you in dollops. Be careful not to act childish in front of her, it’s the last thing you want to do. Go for it Tiger, what are you waiting for?